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Knotts Berry Farm Tickets
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Knott’s Scary Farm: NO TAXES or FEES




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KNOTT’S SCARY FARM IS A LIMITED TIME EVENT.  Main park closes at 5:50pm, then reopens for this event at 7pm until 1-2pm.


Q: Are higher priced tickets redeemable on a lower-priced Scary Farm night?

A: No. Scary Farm tickets are only valid on the nights listed on your ticket.

Q: If Scary Farm is sold out the night I try to visit, will I be let in with my ticket?

A: If “sold out” or “full capacity” status is declared, Knott’s Scary Farm management has already considered a certain percentage of attendance are presale sales-client tickets, like yours. Arrive early, and you will be admitted. Knott’s Scary Farm hours begin at 7:00 PM. However, if you arrive late, and in-park attendance has already reached capacity, you will be asked to visit any other night listed on your ticket, and your parking fee will be refunded.

Q: Are Knott’s Scary Farm tickets refundable?

A: No. Tickets are non-refundable.

Q: Why are Knott’s Scary Farm tickets valid for multiple nights this year?

A: Knott’s management has gotten requests to simplify the ticketing system for years. In past there was a different ticket for every night of Knott’s Scary Farm, and many different price-points. This system will significantly reduce requests for return/refunds, and increase convenience for the customer.

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PRICE COMPARISONS: Please note that many attraction websites do not advertise their extra waiting periods before you can use your ticket or their extra fees that appear at “check out” when purchasing from their site (up to $8 per ticket).  Please keep this in mind when comparing our prices. We have no wait periods or extra tax or fees.

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